Status Quo. 

Our modern age of communication has become more and more "irritated, demanding and exciting" compared to the last few years. With the constant changes in work and everyday life, in sport, in leisure time and in the technical and social environment, the mental and physical demands on our organism increase in line with the need for balance, deep relaxation and rapid regeneration. It is well known that a quantitative and qualitative lack of rest and time off leads to overwork and undesirable consequences for the performance, health and mental stability of all living beings.

Don't panic! This creeping "danger" can be compensated very well with regular sports, a healthy diet and a variety of relaxation concepts (yoga, tai chi, meditation etc.) - as long as the time and space are available. But what if I don't?

We have developed something for you so that you, your horse, your dog and your cat can enjoy relaxation, regeneration and recovery "at the touch of a button" even with little time, stress and performance pressure: SWIT NEUROBALANCE

Science and technology. 

An active brain and a pumping heart generate the finest electromagnetic signals, which can be measured from the outside or even far into the room. These signals can be taken and evaluated with EEG or ECG devices and allow conclusions to be drawn about various organic functions and the energetic and mental status of the test persons. And since each of us has certainly noticed that nervousness and stress, as well as relaxation and rest, can be transmitted from person to person, from person to animal and, of course, from animal to animal even over greater distances, we at SWIT suspected a special connection between these phenomena and our body's own electromagnetic signals. Of course, taking into account all other possible triggering factors.

And so, in cooperation with the FIAE Institute in Zierenberg, under the scientific direction of Dr. Evelyn Schürg-Pfeiffer, we have digitally recorded, compared and reproduced the signals for relaxation, concentrated attention (regeneration) and human activity from horses and dogs.

We have called these signals "SWIS" (special wave intelligent signals). Well, in order to avoid a direct confusion with a very beautiful, very well-known and popular alpine recreation area, we have agreed on "SWIT" (special wave intelligent technology)!

After all, we wanted to check whether a living being reacts to our "SWIS" signals; and had to program these into a system in order to be able to "send" them mobile, time- and location-independently into the space close to the body. This technology is "SWIT" and consists of a computer/controller as pulse generator and the antenna unit/applicator.

With this special technical unit, we were able for the first time to send biocompatible signals to the organism for relaxation, recovery/regeneration and activity over a wide area (whole or partial body applicators) or specifically (local applicators) if the organism no longer reacted completely in accordance with the situation (too tired or not concentrated for performance, too excited to sleep, etc.). We then investigated the effect on humans, dogs and horses in scientific test series and were able to verify the expected results.

In the meantime, a few years have passed in which we have been able to gather a wealth of experience with SWIT with several thousand users and many friends and partners. And almost without exception, our theory was confirmed by SWIT's beneficial and balancing biocompatible signals. But this primary effect was not the exciting and amazing thing about SWIT, but what an organism properly adjusted to different situations can do! To be honest, even today we can't get out of amazement...

"Make the brain great again," "Brain first," or "A healthy mind in a healthy body." 

Imagine your central heating would heat to +5°C room temperature at -10° Celsius outside temperature and to +40°C room temperature at +30°C outside temperature. Of course there would be some different symptoms of this malfunction, but no installer would ever think of checking and restarting the central control unit (outside temperature, room temperature, central regulation) before checking the heating pipes. And that was exactly what we were thinking: At first or at least at the same time to other measures with physical or mental well-being disturbances our "control organ", our brain should be examined also. And: The best thing is natural, we train and calibrate our brain, before various disturbances can occur. That's why SWIT is also interesting.

Relaxation, regeneration and motivation do not develop in the muscles, but in the head! 

SWIT supports relaxing, balancing and activating impulses where they can be implemented quickly and in an absolutely body-compatible way: In the head.

For a balanced performance of the brain and the entire nervous system is a prerequisite for reactions to constantly changing demands that are appropriate to the situation and gentle on the body.

Yoga to go

We at SWIT want to offer this opportunity to all people and especially to our animals, and have therefore patented and developed SWIT as a contemporary supplement to yoga, Thai Chi, meditation and other movement and relaxation methods. In addition, SWIT's relaxing impulses represent a new gentle method of countering mental and physical irritations in a supportive way from the outset. Of course, SWIT is also ideal for accompaniment during therapies, in the therapy-free time and in the regeneration phase.

SWIT is absolutely simple (ingenious). 

SWIT invites us and our animal friends to relax, balance or activate "at the touch of a button", without pressure of time and everywhere. SWIT gently and biocompatible sends fine impulse chains into the space close to the body to inform the central nervous system about the desired state. Simple and uncomplicated!

SWIT is certain: We have been able to demonstrate the measurable effects of SWIT in several neurobiological studies in humans and horses and in the world's first and to date only scientific EEG study 2015˟˟ in 17 dogs statistically significant. For your safety and that of all living beings!


Today more than ever before, a neurobalance method that can be applied in any situation, at any time and at any place should be a fundamental component of a natural and gentle adaptation to the most varied requirements of our modern times. Many methods are suitable for this very well, one is in the sport, in the everyday life, in the occupation and in the spare time at any time without expenditure for humans and animal equally effective and available: SWIT

Do you still have questions about our products or the exact functionality of SWIT? Then have a look at our FAQs!