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New website Switplus

New ways in digital communication: The website SWITPLUS.COM undergoes a comprehensive relaunch

With a revised design and greater user-friendliness, the website has been restarted. Visitors will continue to receive comprehensive information and background information on all SWIT products and can now call up our services more quickly and easily. As an important communication channel, the website plays a key role in comprehensively communicating products, providing users with targeted information and simplifying the purchasing process.

SWITPLUS.COM to the point: The benchmark for e-commerce

With the new website we want to communicate the goals and results of our research work even better. Among other things, we have introduced this blog. It offers an understandable overview of the various topics of the house and refers to background texts for more detailed information. In addition to introductory explanatory texts, the clearly structured blog also contains current news, interactive and multimedia offerings such as videos and infographics as well as answers to frequently asked questions on a topic - be it technology, functionality or the application of our products.

Beta process: It's your turn!

We have launched the new website as a beta version in order to further develop and improve it with the help of Internet users.

In the comments or under Contact, users can provide us with their feedback on the new website and actively help shape the further development of the website with their ideas. Our team will take up the comments, comment on the suggestions and suggestions and answer questions about the new website. In addition, we will publish guest contributions from experts from the network world and discuss them with users.

Also in the social networks we are pleased about reactions under the Hashtag #switplus. Our demand on digital communication: We want to make our digital offer not only good, but better with the support of the users.

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