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How does the SWIT ® system work?

SWIT sends rhythmically changing signals of a biologically harmless frequency band into the body environment, so that the organism can synchronise and level to its original underlying. Your dog should simply be able to react, naturally, from the inside out and with full power to the environmental pressures and stress factors. Therefore, the SWIT-Neurobalance is not to be used for indication, but to be applied in relation to situation.

SWIT therefore does not aim at influencing a indiv. Organism, but on the regeneration of brain activity, a mental balance. And this is based at SWIT on the use of "EEG signals", which are only occurring in pure nature and identical in all mammals. Therefore, SWIT does well, supports regeneration, recuperates and activates. Of course, we have no direct influence on social, mental or physical "blockages" that could cause a disease or influence its course: but we know the positive effects when people and animals relax and feel good! And especially this feel-good atmosphere is our basis to help ourselves. And just this is really an exciting and sometimes absolutely amazing story!


With nature-identical electromagnetic signals, SWIT ensures the necessary "mood" for feeling good, for recreation and for revitalization, and thus supports and trains our own internal impulses for relaxation, regeneration or activation!

SWIT is relaxation and revitalization at the push of a button!

The typical SWIT signal is a technical peak in the Elf band (3-30Hz), which consists of the brain current frequencies (EEG signals) of a

A) completely relaxed (= program "Relaxation"),

b) quiet and concentrated (= program "Regenerate") or

c) actively performing (= Activate program) organism was reproduced.

What are the effects of SWIT?

SWIT supports and trains our self-regulating and healing powers that strengthen us and our animals from the inside out. and thus help to preserve performance fluctuations, mood disturbances and many physical-mental irritations in advance.

And if there are disturbances? We actively support our self-healing powers. From the Inside Out! Therefore, SWIT can also be used ideally in parallel to many therapeutic measures.

Because a balanced organism...

  • Creates a soothing sense of wellbeing in humans and animals
  • Helps to relax tense situations
  • Training Body Consciousness
  • Supports sustainable regeneration
  • Strengthens the self-healing powers
  • Favours an intact immune system
  • Intensifies the concentration phases

SWIT is...

  • Ideal for the ambitious broad athlete
  • A "top tool" in Top-class sports
  • Almost indispensable in therapy-free times

SWIT does well – and that's right!

are portable devices actually effective?

Or, "Can you make a phone call with a smartphone?"

The effectiveness of a system depends first and foremost not on its size (see above), but on the technical and scientific implementation of the targets. At SWIT, we always adapt our current developments to the latest technical standards if we do not specify them ourselves! That's why SWIT is always the original, and so the "ancestor" from SWIT was already introduced in 1997 as the first purely battery-operated, elektrosmogfreies and mobile "magnetic field system" – At that time this system was still ridiculed as an "ineffective battery device", today there are almost only Still battery-powered magnetic field devices! Our advantage in this technology is reflected precisely in the simplicity, handiness and mobility of SWIT.

Are there any evidence of the efficacy of the SWIT ® systems?

Naturally! Although the "effect" of SWIT is deliberately not based on a direct influence of a mental or physiological-functional process from the outside (exogenous), but rather in the concentration on the "endogenous" support of the own "inner forces" of man and animal.

In order to meet this unique and new approach to actively supporting our relaxation, regeneration and activation phases and to provide you with the necessary security, we have been conducting a permanent research activity for many years: all our Developments and works will be carried out at the "Falkenberg Institute for Applied Electroencephalography" (FIAE) under the direction of Dr. Rer. Nat. Evelyn Schürg-Pfeiffer verifies from the idea to the technically perfect implementation in legally compliant Test series on people, Horses and dogs. "FIAE" is also the world's leading institute that can conduct wireless digital EEG measurements on humans, horses and dogs according to recognised scientific criteria.

What is the difference or the advantage over conventional magnetic field mats?

Based on our own many years of experience with magnetic field systems, we have considered every influence of an organism from the outside with scepticism, since for us every manipulation of a self-regulating, living and flowing system is to be avoided as far as possible. That's why we developed a proven magnetic system for SWIT.

For this purpose we have applied special "transmitters/coils" with a calculated signal (hence the name: special wAve intelligent Technology), which primarily "awaken" our neurological center, our central nervous system, and This then gently in the desired direction (relax, regenerate, activate) "synchronized". And to do this, humans and animals must be able to perceive the SWIT signal only unconsciously from the room. That's all, and it does! From now on, you can leave everything else to your organism, which in your own responsibility strengthens your self-regulation and healing powers in peace. The procedure SWIT is therefore aware

  • No procedure in the classical medical sense,
  • does not intervene in a self-regulating system (organism) from the outside,
  • Time Unlimited, the
  • No so-called "getting used" and
  • Reach us and our loyal companions in the center, which ultimately always decides about "healthy and strong" or "sick and weak": our brain.
What is the difference to heat-storing "infrared" ceramic blankets and cups?

The most obvious difference to SWIT is usually in the price: these coats or blankets usually cost only a fraction (about €100.00), although some providers here clearly "shoot out" with a consumer-friendly orientation (up to €350.00!). But the supposedly great advantage of these "systems" is relativized very quickly when we look at the less obvious facts:

Ceramic textiles are simple materials that are coated or woven with tiny ceramic particles according to application and need. This "ceramic or quartz coating" is supposed to have a heat-saving function, and the self-produced body heat (= infraredradiation) will be rethrown after some time to relieve the body, thus supporting its regeneration. This delayed release of the heat energy thus has manifold therapeutic properties, but is neither controllable nor controllable, and always depends on the basic energy level of the producing organism (little body heat = less memory heat). In any case, the user gets less energy than he radiates! This is why these systems are also calledpassive systems: good heat-insulating, natural materials (downs, skins, etc.) and modern functional fabrics, as well as permanent magnets built into blankets or clothes of any form and workmanship. The coating with ceramic or quartz particles of the simplest materials can thus have the same possible positive effects, like any other good and by nature already heat-storing garment – like the good old sheep rug for example: it could Therefore be certified, declared and marketed by everyone at any time as so-called "medical device"! In the meantime, the coating of substances can also be commissioned in Germany or Switzerland. The disadvantage of most "passive systems" is the lack of hygiene: coated fabrics should not be washed or cleaned more often, as they lose their "effect" after a few cleanings.

SWIT is an "active endogenous system"!

However, SWIT is neither textile nor heat-storing, but a scientifically evaluated and properly patented high technology, which is connected to a signalling/computer (battery operated) and specific transmission systems with integrated transmitters (applicators = Blanket, vest, gaiter, saddle, belt etc.) Generates an electrical signal.

This signal is perceived as a natural EEG signal by the organism, and if necessary synchronises the brain activity to the balance, to the "Neurobalance"! The Neurobalance causes an active, natural, gentle and effective support of the body's own defensive and regulating mechanisms, as can be expected similar in different meditation techniques, mental training or yoga. Just at the push of a button, in a timely and situational manner – and also for those living beings who can never master these techniques. SWIT consciously strengthens the body's own self-healing powers, and does just fine!

What physical or mental irritation can I use SWIT ® for?


  • If I don't feel comfortable anymore,
  • My performance,
  • I need more power,
  • Need a timeout and
  • Have persistently unpleasant sensations:

For every sensation, such as pain or relaxation, arises in the head. And can only be changed in the long term from the inside out.

Very limited and only for ÄRZTL. Qualified personnel, not for publication:

Therefore, SWIT ® is suitable for use in therapy-free periods for the following indications:

  • Orthopedic disorders, fractures, bone damage, cartilage defects, joint diseases
  • Acute and chronic inflammation (e.g. seeing, tendon vagina)
  • Tendon fiber cracks
  • Muscle problems, muscle aches, tensions
  • Strains, bruises, dislocations
  • Degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system (e.g. osteoarthritis)
  • Paralysis
  • Disorders in the spine and lumbar area
  • Haematoma
  • Soft tissue Disorders
  • Metabolic
  • Circulatory disorders
  • General and chronic pain
  • Rehabilitation after surgery/injuries, delayed wound healing
  • Reassurance or toning before/after tournaments
  • Nervousness/Stress
  • Respiratory problems
  • Circulatory
Does SWIT ® help with pain?

Because the with Pax. Changes in brain activity largely depend on your current needs and circumstances, SWIT can and will not make any dubious statements due to the purpose of the Neurobalance system. Since the sensation of pain And at the same time a deep relaxation is not possible, there is. Theoretically the possibility to influence every pain with deep relaxation. Our recommendation: You can leave it calm and relaxed to your body to react adequately and sustainably to the applications with SWIT.

Do I feel a physical reaction during the application?

Yes, in most cases I feel just comfortable, more relaxed, and in consequence more energetic.

Does the therapy with SWIT ® have contraindications?

There is no therapy with SWIT, since SWIT is an endogenous Neurobalance system that synchronizes our brain activity to a NAT. Underlying. The resulting zus. Performance is usually provided to the self-regulating and healing powers, if necessary. Therefore there are no contraindications for SWIT.

However, since we feel obligated to improve the life situation and the preservation of all life, we will prevent the recommendations of general electrotherapies from being followed, and ask for the advice of a doctor or therapist in subsequent indications or a specialist.

• For diseases that can only be treated surgically

• Pregnancy (subject to technical regulation only)

• Epilepsy

• Cardiac pacemakers

• Severe angina

• Severe heart rhythm disorders

• Acute tuberculosis

You are also welcome to contact SWIT ® directly. We will then refer you to a professional position if necessary.

Does the application flow through my body?

No, the signal chain of SWIT is in no case sufficiently strong to induce measurable current in your body.

Electro-smog is harmful, does a SWIT ® product multiply this?

No, even with heavy electromagnetic pollution, our transmitters (SWIT coils) could not transmit a technical unoriented signal and not amplify it.

Electro-smog is harmful, does a SWIT ® product multiply this?

No, even with heavy electromagnetic pollution, our transmitters (SWIT coils) could not transmit a technical unoriented signal and not amplify it.

Can I exaggerate with SWIT ® and damage my body?

Only indirectly, for example, if you choose not to "relax 25%" for sleep support, but "Activate 100%", or during a longer drive instead of "Activate 50%" "Relax with 25%". Basically, you should always select the programs in a situational and responsible manner.

Which apparatus should I choose for SWIT ® Therapy?

This always depends on which goals you are pursuing with SWIT. Just get advice from our expert partners or directly with us – we always find the best solution for you and your animals.

What is the average life expectancy of a SWIT ® device?

The lifetime of a SWIT controller depends primarily on the life of the batteries used, which are firmly installed in them. If used correctly, the Lipo battery of SWIT will last a good 4 years and can then be exchanged with us again without any problems.

Are the products custom-made for me and adapted to me personally?

If it makes sense for you and is technically feasible for SWIT, we will build everything for you.

What happens if I or my pet break the product?

Then you send us your product so that we can make you a cost estimate while you find out whether your insurance company can take over a possible damage. Of course, during this time you can also have a loaner of us, if a repair should take longer. If the device is completely destroyed, we will make you a kulantes and fair "exchange Offer". Relax.

Do I have warranty on the product?

You have a legal warranty period of 2 years on all our products. In special cases, we can also offer you an extended individual guarantee. Speak to us if you consider this necessary. We are happy to advise you.

Can I also return SWIT systems after the rental period or do I have to buy it?

Basically you don't have to do anything with us. If you are happy with the rental equipment, you are welcome to contact us, we can make you a special offer. After the rental period, the device is usually returned to us, and replaced with a new one.

Can I also finance the SWIT ® product?

Sure, talk to us, we have the right solution for almost all needs.

Where are the SWIT ® products manufactured?

The SWIT systems are developed in Neubeuern, and are handmade in Rosenheim and Thuringia – with attention to detail and the best materials.

How can I contact SWIT ®?

E-mail: or Phone: Tel: – 49 (0) 8035 9639560

Does SWIT have the same side effects as the classical magnetic field therapy?

Due to the fact that effective classical magnetic field therapy can also cause side effects in the long term – especially in neurological areas – we have developed SWIT. And we know what we are talking about, because we have been developing and producing magnetic field therapy devices for 20 years, the last 5 years in particular successfully in the equestrian sector (OEM). However, these systems are exclusively supervised by trainers, therapists and veterinarians. They work with simple copper coils (are still hand-turned), and with an electric clock generate a strong electromagnetic field that increases the oxygen output of the blood, thus increasing the availability in the tissue for healing purposes – More oxygen, more healing! However, the improvement of the oxygen release of the blood to the tissue is only achieved with high magnetic field strengths (flux densities), which are about 10 – 10,000 times higher than our natural earth magnetic fields. In this strength our highly sensitive nervous system can be blocked or influenced. Therefore, the application of reputable MFT systems is automatically limited to 15, 20 or 30 minutes. The application should also be repeated no more than twice a day.

If you believe in a multitude of measurements and studies on "electro-smog", so-called undirected alternating fields (e-smog, alternating current), which are generated by home installations (power lines) or W-Lan and DECT telephony, are far more "dangerous" than our Same fields (DC = battery-and battery-operated) in the MFT system. To the reactions of our organism to roller. Fields without doubt, we developed a wireless probe system for horses and dogs 8 years ago with the Falkenberg Institute for Applied Electroencephalography FIAE (digital EEG measurements). Under the scientific direction of Dr. Rer. Nat. Evelyn Schürg-Pfeiffer (neurobiologist) We then carried out the world's first measurements on horses and dogs with this system. And on the basis of this data a completely new concept is developed: SWIT = Special wave intelligent technology. The goal of SWIT is not to interact with the body from the outside (exogenous, like the typical MFT, and most others), but to stimulate the body without measurable influence, to act again actively and naturally from within. The application should therefore support our organism to activate its healing and regeneration forces. Because we and all mammals know best of course, how much, what and in what dosage we need in all possible situations.

Therefore SWIT says only "Relax" at the touch of a button (program: relaxing, soothing), "Go ´ in your balanced Hibernation" (program: Regenerate, vitalise) or "Wake Up" (Program: Activate). So we finally found a way with a gentle electromagnetic signal (10 times weaker than our NAT. Earth magnetic field) on a small surface a natural environment (like 20 or 30 years ago without e-smog) to create, which is too weak to be able to take a direct influence on our or the body of our animal, but strong enough to interfere with the central nervous system Synchronize. This "surface" is not to be produced with a pair of stranded wires (as is often the case with cheap MFT devices), but with special and precisely taktbaren printed coils, which are applied to a larger (SWIT blankets) or smaller body-near surface after calculation, and be connected according to a scheme developed by SWIT. In order for our nervous system to perceive and further process the SWIT signals as biologically compatible and not to be disturbed after a few months of application, a complex circuit (German patent No. de 102009034426.8) with specially developed Transmitters or coils are necessary. And that makes SWIT so unique and valuable.

As far as the theory. So that we can be absolutely certain, we have carried out meaningful studies with people, horses and dogs, the results of which are our recommendation of a situation-dependent (as opposed to symptom-dependent in MFT devices) daily application of SWIT Confirm. To express this topic briefly with the words of our friends and partners: SWIT does just fine, supports the mental balance and in consequence the body's own healing and regeneration forces – so that we can learn again from the inside out to different situations To respond optimally. No more and no less. Servus.

You still have questions? Then don't hesitate to contact us!


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