How does SWIT+ Neurobalance System Work?


The key lies here in the term neurobalance and in the autonomic nervous system, which is controlled by the hypothalamus in the brain, where information arrives and leaves and the interaction and function of the organs is regulated.

The autonomic nervous system is further subdivided into the sympathetic nervous systems and the parasympathetic nervous system which often are considered as opponents.

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The nervous systems

The sympathetic nervous system is activated in cases where the body needs to be perform, while the parasympathetic nervous system is activated when organisms are in a relaxed state.

In a “Fight or Flight” mode, the sympathetic nervous system activates all the body functions that are necessary for maximum performance: heart rate and blood pressure rise, the breathing rate is increased and the bronchial tubes dilate so that the body has more oxygen available. In addition, energy reserves from the body are mobilized in the liver.

When the body comes to rest, the parasympathetic nervous system takes over, digestion begins, the body requires less oxygen, breathing slows down, heart rate and blood pressure drop. The glycogen levels in the liver are replenished. The regeneration of the body begins.

SWIT+ Neurobalance System

If the individual does not feel well, has pain, stress, is out of balance, the nervous systems can become overactivated or underactivated. The organism does not come to rest, or is not able to perform at peak performance when needed.

This is where the SWIT+ Neurobalance System comes in. It transmits natural EEG based frequencies to the body.
The nervous system responds to this signal and is gently guided in the right direction. It motivates the organism in becoming active itself and restoring its natural balance.

The SWIT+ Neurobalance system offers 5 programs:

  • Activate
  • Vitalise
  • Regenerate
  • Calm
  • Relax
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These programs are ideally configured to support the body in regeneration after an effort, to relax in a turbulent environment and under stress and pain, or help you get in top shape before training or the start of a performance.

Science and Technology

Scientifically selected EEG wave patterns mimic the patterns of the brain to help to become alert, feel relaxed or regenerate, based on the needs at the time.

It all began in 2007, after years of experience with conventional PEMF systems the idea came to analyse the effects of these PEMF systems on the central nervous system.

For that purpose, the Falkenberg Institute for Applied Electroencephalography (FIAE) had developed a wireless EEG system for horses and dogs. Until that time, EEG measurements on animals were only possible under appropriate immobilization of the animal, which excluded measurement under natural conditions.

Thanks to this wireless and mobile EEG device, the first measurements on horses and dogs could now be carried out under the scientific direction of Dr. Evelyn Schürg-Pfeiffer (neurobiologist). The aim of these measurements was to assign the various brain activity signals to the different mental and physical states of the animal. The different EEG waves for relaxation, concentrated attention,  regeneration, activity  and many more, in humans, horses and dogs were digitally recorded, compared and reproduced.

Then a system was developed to reproduce and send these waves back to the body. The system had to be mobile and applicable in an area close to the body in order to achieve a resonance of the nervous system with these signals. This technology is “SWIT” -Special Wave Intelligent Technology-  and consists of a controller as wave signal generator and and antenna unit/applicator.

With this special technical unit, for the first time, it was possible to send back biocompatible signals to the body for relaxation, recovery/regeneration and physical activity in circumstances where the organism did not react completely appropriate to the situation (too tired or unconcentrated for performance, too excited to sleep, etc.). The effect on humans, dogs and horses were examined in pragmatic test series and verified with the expected results.

With further developments it was possible to create a coherent yet gentle electromagnetic field (1-50 microtesla) that has as little as possible direct influence on the organism on the spot where the applicator is placed, but is strong enough to resonate with the nervous system. This is possible with highly developed copper coils which, positioned close to the body.

To optimize the resonance with the nervous system, the wave signals are switched to the various coils in very specific patterns, developed by SWIT+.

In functionality, technology and effect, this is very different from the conventional PEMF systems and the reason why it SWIT+ is called a Neurobalance system.

The application of the SWITplus systems is primarily intended to balance the body’s own regulatory systems in order to ensure a natural, efficient and safe regeneration. This makes the systems ideal for supporting many therapeutic applications, for prevention, in everyday life and training, to increase performance and improve relax afterwards.