As long and as often as needed or feels well.


Conventional PEMF systems send a strong magnetic field into the area that they are placed on the body. This is said to work well to solve the symptoms of an obvious problem like fe a broken bone.
Most high intensity PEMF systems do not have relevant frequencies. In some cases, they have no frequencies at all, and instead have a repetition rate or pulse rate.

Swit+ sends very gentle electromagnetic waves in the EEG spectrum which are understood by the the body’s nervous system. It supports and guides the body towards the desired balanced status.
It activates the natural processes of the individual in a holistic way.

All products are hand made in Germany, one by one.
If it is technically feasible for SWIT+, everything can be built for you.
contact us for more information.

The SWIT+ systems are developed in Neubeuern, and are handmade in Rosenheim. Both are in the beautiful nature of Upper-Bavaria at the foot of the Alps, in the south of Germany


The lifetime of a SWIT+ controller depends primarily on the life of the internal batteries used. If used correctly, the Lipo battery of SWIT+ lasts about 4 years, and then can easily be replaced by a certified technician.

Consumers have a legal warranty period of 2 years on all the SWIT+ products. On request an offer can be made to extend the individual guarantee. Contact us if you consider this necessary. We are happy to advise you.

Then contact us and describe the problem.
We will find the best way to have it repaired or replaced.
SWIT+ products are made in a durable way, with high quality components that can be repaired or replaced.

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